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... our shared values result in shared success.

Our History

Founded in 2002 as XMC Inc., Enaxis Consulting is the brainchild of Dhiren Shethia and Jonas Georgsson. There are no stroke-of-genius moment stories detailing scribbles on the back of a cocktail napkin, nor any brilliant insights – rather a simple belief in being able to make the proverbial “better mousetrap”. After years at a large global consultancy, the duo realized that there is a unique market opportunity for high quality advisors whom clients can trust and depend on without paying for the large firm overhead (in the form of obnoxiously high rates). Thus they started their journey to create a firm that clients would actually like, and employees would actually be proud to be a part of.

Five Key Things To Know About Enaxis

  1. Trusted Advisors: From its inception, Enaxis was created to be a “trusted advisor” for its clients. We are not partners, resellers, or otherwise advocates of one technology or solution over another. The only stakeholders that matter to us are our clients and our people.
  2. Collaborative and High-Achieving Culture: We not only look for people that are the best in their field, but who are also collaborative and willing to learn every day.
  3. Great – Fun! – Place to Work: We’ve consistently been voted as one of the top places to work. We strongly believe that happy employees result in happy clients.
  4. Hire smart people, and let them be smart”: We treat our employees like grown-ups; There are no artificial boundaries, levels, or limitations for ideas, entrepreneurship and initiative-taking.
  5. Honesty and Transparency: We strive for a transparent and inclusive environment. Sticking to the principle of “do what you say and say what you do” is a big priority here.
… And Other Interesting (Fun) Facts

  • Our first tag-line was “Big Five at Half the Price” (that ran its course along with the existence of ‘Big Five’s)
  • Our Holiday Parties are well known for fun, frolic and amazing surprise gifts (Kindle Fires, iPads, Bose Speakers, Beats by Dre, and etc.)
  • Thanksgiving is our “international potluck” day. The firm sponsors a turkey (or two) and everybody brings their favorite international dish (yes, mashed potatoes count)
  • We take huge pride in the diversity of our team! Everybody is part of the family no matter their nationality, race, sexual orientation, academic backgrounds, expertise or politics
  • We are one of the only firms that has an employee initiated and run community program (ACT) – that helps hundreds of people via dozens of organizations they support
  • Friday’s are mostly in-office – every other Friday lunch is catered and on some Friday’s mysterious beer appears in the fridge

Giving Back

While it is our business to help companies to achieve their goals, it is also our passion to help support causes which enable others to reach their goals. We enjoy a corporate culture which promotes a work life balance for our people and that includes encouraging and supporting an involvement and commitment to community service. Whether it is a personal charity of choice or a corporate initiative, Enaxis believes that helping others is a critical part of our vision and values. Below are some examples of our ongoing community and environmental support.

Genesys Works Enable high school students to break through barriers.
Genesys Works' mission is to enable economically disadvantaged high school students to enter and thrive in the economic mainstream by providing them the knowledge and work experience required to succeed as professionals. Enaxis has proudly sponsored several Genesys Works interns and managed a pro bono consulting project to help further develop the Genesys Works training program.

Comp-U-Dopt Providing technology access & education to underserved youth.
Only 47% of low-income families report having a computer at home. Without computer literacy and regular access, a world of content and knowledge is unwittingly beyond the reach of these families. Comp-U-Dopt donates over 1,000 computers to students across Greater Houston each year.

Houston Food Bank Leading the fight against hunger.
In fiscal year 2014-2015, the Houston Food Bank distributed 74,000,000 nutritious meals. The vision for the future is to expand service to the community to 100,000,000 nutritious meals by 2018. Every dollar donated to the Houston Food Bank provides the equivalent of three meals for an individual.

Child Advocates Be the Wind of Change for an Abused Child.
Every 8 minutes, a child in Texas experiences abuse or neglect. Nearly 4,000 children in the Houston area have experienced such life-threatening abuse or neglect that they had to be removed from their homes and placed in foster care. Child Advocates trains everyday people to advocate for the best interests of these children in court so they can find safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible.

Career Gear Houston A suit. A second chance.
For men who are low-income, struggling to get off public assistance, and trying to change their lives in a positive way, today’s job hunt is even tougher. They lack the essential tools – interview-appropriate attire and additional support and networking - to be successful in attaining and then sustaining gainful employment.
Certified Green: Creating A Green Competitive Advantage.
Enaxis was awarded the Green Eco Seal™ certification by The Society of Green Business. The Green Eco Seal is granted to businesses in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and is based on the implementation of resource conservation, waste minimization and pollution prevention practices required by the comprehensive Green Eco Seal™ Criterion.
Pratham USA Every child in school and learning well.
As the largest educational movement in India, Pratham is inspiring people around the world to stand up for children's right to an education.
Additional Support: Enaxis commits to supporting the following groups with participation in annual fund raising efforts.  
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America
  • Child Advocates of Houston
  • Condit Elementary School
  • Dress for Success
  • Haiti Red Cross Relief
  • JDRF Walk for Type 1 Diabetes
  • Justice for Children
  • Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue Houston
  • World Affairs Council Houston

Having Fun

Companies like ours are only as good as the people who work for them. Our team is made up of exceptional people, who know how to work well together as a team. To foster a culture of camaraderie, we enjoy a number of regular activities throughout the year that include the following:
Having_Fun_1 Monthly All-Hands Meetings & Happy Hours
Family Picnic Annual Company Picnics & Family Activities
Weekly Core Competency Training & Catered Lunch
147_enaxis_consulting Seasonal Events: Holiday Parties and Sporting Events
Enaxis Active: Company Sponsored 5K Runs & Golf Tournaments
Awards & Recognitions: Above and Beyond!