It is a privilege to announce that Lawrence Eribarne, Director at Enaxis Consulting, has been invited to speak at the PNEC 20th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Information, and Data Management on May 18th, 2016. Lawrence will be speaking on the theme of Optimizing IT for Low Oil Prices. He will discuss how when business prospers IT departments often struggle to meet the demand for new capabilities,  and – in order to maximize limited resources – the methods most IT groups seek out to collaboratively select and prioritize projects to ensure effective delivery to the business.

Lawrence Eribarne is a Director at Enaxis Consulting with over 20 years of experience as a technology leader performing IT organizational transformations as both an industry leader and IT advisor. Lawrence has a cross-industry background covering media, technology, military, and a strong emphasis on energy and manufacturing. Lawrence focuses heavily on IT strategy, portfolio management, cost optimization, operational process improvement, and value realization. Prior to Enaxis, Lawrence held senior leadership roles within several global companies with responsibilities across strategy, planning, and service delivery.


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About PNEC 2016
The Petroleum Network Education Conferences (PNEC) look at best practices and real world cases and solutions involving petroleum data and information management across the E&P enterprise. Delegates benefit from this unique global view of the state of data applications plus future technology directions.

The 2016 PNEC Conferences’ 20th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Information and Data Management is a power-packed two and 1/2 days of programming featuring in-depth technical presentations and full e-Proceedings on topics important to all involved in E&P data and information management. Speakers from around the globe will share real-world issues, best practices, developments, and cross discipline advances that address ever expanding and complex data demands in today’s oil and gas industry. Changes in key technologies require innovative thinking and practical solutions to implement quality data-driven decisions that meet enterprise-wide technical and financial interests when millions of invested dollars are at risk. The conference is acclaimed for facilitating professional discussions targeting today’s complex data systems integration and management with balance.

Attendees will also benefit from networking opportunities with 600+ peers and over 50 exhibitors from leading technology companies. The Exhibition itself provides a unique experience for attendees and exhibitors to share, learn and connect in a forum dedicated to addressing challenges in today’s complex data systems integration and management.

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