Wrangling Big Data and Cognitive Systems – The Enaxis Leadership Forum

Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Cognitive Systems – these current industry buzzwords are referenced frequently in attention grabbing media publications and oversimplified supplier presentations. Despite much market hype, the aforementioned technologies hold enormous potential to unlock untapped business value propositions not yet discovered, visualized, or actioned. The journey to potential game-changing results require business and IT leaders to evaluate and challenge a host of organizational, process and technology assumptions that have been used to govern information systems over the past 25 years.ELF layered orange

On May 11th at the Enaxis Leadership Forum in Houston, we are excited to bring together an exceptional panel of distinguished and accomplished experts from Chevron, Hess, Rice University and United Airlines to tackle some of toughest questions that C—Level executives must address to ready corporate enterprises for a world in which Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Cognitive System technologies are woven into the fabric of most, if not all, enterprises. Some of the key questions that the panel will address include:

  • What challenges do businesses face regarding management of one of their most value assets, data? How are enterprises addressing these challenges?
  • How do you enlist the help of executive management in information and cognitive initiatives?
  • What are the key differences between information and cognitive systems? What do executives need to know?
  • How are universities preparing tomorrow’s workforce for a world where analytics and cognitive system knowledge is required? What are opportunities for academia and corporation to work together?
  • What business challenges are/will cognitive computing be used to address and why?

The Enaxis Leadership Forum will be an opportunity for executives to gather experiential insight as well as engage in question and answer exchanges with peers. If you are a C-Level executive based in Houston, you will not want to miss this opportunity to interact with this accomplished and distinguished group of academic and corporate leaders.
We look forward to seeing you at the Enaxis Leadership Forum on May 11th! To register for the event, please contact us by emailing marketing@enaxisconsulting.com, or calling (713) 808-1399.