To optimize EH&S application portfolio through application evaluation and selection.

Over time the business had accumulated a number of tools and is now looking for a smaller tool set to drive a more integrated approach. Existing tools are either not being used to the fullest extent possible or lack the desired support.

For this initiative, Enaxis documented business requirements, as-is and to-be workflows and gathered technical requirements to optimize existing ESS implementation. Identify available tools to meet business and technical requirements. Also, host vendor demonstrations as well as assisting to develop selected criteria and RFP package. In addition, working with the client through the RFP process

This project resulted in an understanding of who in the organization was using which tools and to what extent. The EH&S organization was able to gain an understanding of the leading tools currently available in the marketing place. The number of systems included in the EH&S application portfolio was reduced by 50%, reducing administrative requirements. Finally, we identified opportunities to enhance usage of current tools to enable greater visibility and reporting.