Client Challenge:
Business Case and Project Assurance



  • A six party consortium, led by Sonangol, developed plans to install and operate a 1,900 km long looped fiber communication network (backbone) in Angola to connect onshore facilities and offshore platforms of oil & gas companies. Increased bandwidth would support increased capabilities around surveillance and preventative maintenance, while improving overall production efficiency. Fiber needed to cross Congo River Crossing, where high turbidity presented risk for reliable operations
  • Supermajor client proposed connecting strategic assets to the backbone installation and splitting costs of backbone installation evenly between the six Block Operators. Client was working with Sonangol and Angolan Ministry of Finance to secure favorable cost recovery mechanism


  • Managed Project Assurance Activities in support of NOJV Backbone Final Investment Decision (FID)
  • Implemented document management system using MCP-IM standard, with 3rd party access to FEED Contractors and EPCs
  • Prepared DSP materials and conducted socialization sessions with SASBU Strategic DRB, located in US and Angola
  • Created stakeholder engagement documents to communicate with CABCOG’s Block 0 Partners (Sonangol P&P, ENI, Total)


  • FID for NOJV backbone scheduled for mid-year
  • Working with backbone PMO (Parsons) to ensure cost and schedule deliverables are met
  • Progressing Asset connections scope for FID in 2016
  • Target completion date for program: 2017