Developed and executed a global business impact analysis (BIA) process for energy trading using custom tools and documented workarounds for business response to application outages.

An internal audit revealed a lack of holistic, globally implemented process based BIA. No standard BIA tools existed across the organization. For this initiative we documented manual workarounds for business response to application outages were inconsistent across the organization.

A global BIA framework was constructed that incorporated the existing enterprise process model as well as existing data. Custom data collection and reporting tools were constructed for the client. This project was rolled out globally in phases over 75 business groups where workshops were facilitated for each business group. In addition, the business groups completed a BIA and documented workarounds using data provided in the BIA process. The data was then consolidated and shared cross-functionally to increase the impact of the project.

We developed a global BIA report for the client to be used in order to refine the client’s global business continuity strategy and direct investment for business continuity. This involved the implementation of a standardized process and toolset for annual use by the business continuity group, which will enable reduced effort and efficient strategy development. In addition, we documented manual workarounds for all major client business groups globally resulting in the ability to prudently reduce technology investment related to availability demands. This provided valuable process dependency information to IT leaders across the organization.