Client Challenge:
Sales Planning Transformation


  • Leading global oilfield services company was planning to transform internal sales planning processes
  • Customer data (contacts, sales accounts, opportunities and activities) were inconsistent and located in different systems for each business unit
  • Customer data needed to be remediated and migrated to the new CRM and data analytics platforms to achieve sustainable improvements in sales, product design and operations planning


  • Engaged various business units to understand current customer data landscape (including master data)
  • Developed target data model and a plan to remediate existing data
  • Engaged local sales teams across the globe to implement the remediation plan
  • Defined an ongoing data governance process
  • Managed the end to end process to cutover to the new opportunity management platform, including the new mobility platform
  • Trained local sales teams to maintain data quality


  • All customer data (contacts, sales accounts, opportunities and activities) was made available through a single platform
  • Provided mobile access to all relevant customer information
  • Enabled cross business unit, cross country customer data analytics
  • Deployed data governance framework, identified local advocates and provided tools to enable sales function to proactively improve customer data quality
  • Enabled implementation of a consistent sales planning and opportunity management process across business units and countries