Client Challenge:
Customer Data Management & Integration


  • Retail energy provider (REP) had multiple systems / repositories for its customer data
  • Lack of single customer record prevented reliable analysis of customer base for marketing and retention initiatives
  • Updates to customer records were not accurately propagated across multiple CRM’s, billing, credit and marketing platforms
  • Customer call center was unable to access and update customer records due to a decentralized architecture


  • Performed use-case analysis with business and IT teams to identify all data requirements, sources of customer data and associated input/update channels
  • Partnered with IT teams to develop data integration and replication strategies enabling multi-channel customer data updates
  • Developed approach to harmonize customer data across system landscape and testing strategies to ensure data integration and replication worked as designed
  • Mapped existing customer records to newly created customer master records


  • Focus on “high value customers”
  • Adoption of New Loyalty Program – Enabled the implementation and deployment of automated customer loyalty account renewals leveraging cross functional data
  • Master customer repository linking customers across multiple accounts, markets, and locations
  • Single version of accurate customer information across the organization