Enabling cross-functional data and process alignment for large oil & gas upstream company.

Client Challenge:
A petroleum Enterprise Data Management initiative was started to integrate data from multiple systems of records and apply survivorship rules to incoming data. MDM data was sourced from the following functions:

  • Well Delivery (Bespoke)
  • Property Administration (Tobin Land System)
  • Drilling (OpenWells)
  • Production Volume’s (Enterprise Upstream)

The lack of governance led to conflicting definitions of data versions across business units and functions. Organizational silos created multiple process gaps resulting in incomplete data utilized by downstream functions. Business units only focused on data needed to perform their function, creating a deficiency in data ownership and stewardship.

Enaxis partnered with business units to create a framework to address and sustain data processes and quality over time. This was addressed through engagement with cross functional business stakeholders to raise awareness and address process gaps. Enaxis defined financial impacts of data and process gaps in order to prioritize efforts. In addition, Enaxis worked with stakeholders to define the reporting requirements needed to proactively monitor data quality.

This initiative resulted in the development of a sustainable framework to allow business units to address cross functional process and data alignment. An implementation process was executed to address ongoing data and process gaps. This approach increased data ownership, leading to improved quality of reporting and decision analytics. Resulting reports enabling data stewards to self-service and remediate cross functional data issues.