Client Challenge

  • A leading airlines aimed to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the back office functions of its cargo division
  • Many competitors had already successfully offshored these functions, giving them a significant cost advantage
  • The Airline’s back office functions lagged behind industry benchmarks with regard to several KPIs

Enaxis Approach
Once the airline made the decision to move forward with outsourcing these functions, they sought a partner to guide them through the offshoring initiative, from the creation of the RFP, to the transition of the in scope processes.  Ultimately, Enaxis Consulting was selected, in large part due to the critical BPO advisory role that Enaxis played during a successful offshoring project in another area of the airline in the previous year.

RFP Development
The development of a clear and comprehensive RFP is an essential step in choosing the right offshore partner.  Enaxis has assisted many clients in developing RFPs, and they used this experience to guide the client though the following key steps in the RFP development process:

  • All prospective processes were analyzed to determine their viability for offshoring.  Among the  factors considered were the strategic nature of the process and the skillset required to successfully execute the process.
  • Those processes determined to be in scope were defined at a level that provided the recipients of the RFP with enough context to understand the work involved, but did not overwhelm them with detail.
  • Preliminary SLAs were developed for inclusion in the RFP to give the recipients an indication of the service levels that must be met.

Vendor Selection & Contract Negotiation
Enaxis used its extensive BPO advisory experience to assist the client in vetting the RFP responses.  Enaxis analyzed and provided input on the following aspects of the response to provide a clear picture of the prospective partner’s proposal:

  1. Location & Facilities
  2. Staffing Plan
  3. FTE Pricing
  4. Implementation Plan
  5. Implementation Costs
  6. IT Solution Plan
  7. Quality Plan
  8. Governance Plan
  9. SLA Reporting Plan

Once the vendor was chosen, Enaxis provided input throughout the contract negotiations process, to ensure that terms were fair and that risk was minimized.

Knowledge Transfer
Enaxis provided leadership and assistance in making sure the knowledge transfer process was as efficient and effective as possible.  Key work performed in this phase included:

  • Ensuring that Standard Operating Procedures were complete, accurate and up to date
  • Assisting in the development of a plan to have the client’s SME instruct the counterparts from the offshore vendor
  • Ensuring there were methods in place to evaluate whether the vendor had acquired the necessary knowledge