Client Challenge:
Service Management Consulting


  • Client’s current ITSM PMO missed key milestones and deliverables
  • IT organization’s credibility degraded due to disappointments in planning and implementation
  • ITSM project viewed as a last chance to retain and build credibility with the business


  • Deploy key ITSM components in quick-win stages
  • Gain momentum and support of the business through high-impact quick wins
  • Implement project and financial dashboards to increase the level of project visibility
  • Facilitate workshops designed to breakdown silos and increase cross-team communications and flow
  • Coach client resources which were deemed detrimental to success of project and enabled them to be a project spokesman and champions


  • Dividing the project into quick wins improved IT’s credibility to levels before the project kick-off
  • Integrated ITSM programs with current programs to provide immediate benefit to service availability and service quality
  • Instilled a cross-communication environment through the use of dashboards and communication plans
  • Accountability of services and task have clearly articulated, trained and adopted throughout the ITC and business communities