Strategy, Requirements & Solution Selection for Super Major.

Client Challenge:
The upstream leaders of this client recognized the need to improve reservoir data management to enable quicker decisions based on quality data. This required the data preservation to ensure the survival of valuable at-risk seismic data stored on a variety of deteriorating media.

ETC and ITC collaborated to develop overall strategy (build vs buy) and a partnering strategy. One challenge included disparate (or no) processes and tools being used in various business units (GOM using Trango).

Enaxis gathered comprehensive requirements for all service categories and published to 10 short-listed vendors. This led to an understanding of the market and how to deal with specific vendors. Enaxis analyzed technical and pricing responses by vendors by formulating evaluation criteria and price normalization. This allowed a quantitative ranking of vendor responses. Enaxis also conducted workshops to further validate down-selected vendors’ technical solution for all service categories. In addition, Enaxis identified and analyzed solution alternatives based on factors such as effectiveness, cost, functionality, and technical feasibility.

This initiative helped the client explore different solutions and products available in the market for data preservation, including implementation of a seismic catalog System of Record (SoR), seismic master data and catalog quality and clean-up, improvements to the seismic data retrieval workflows, and data storage. In addition, a fair, consistent, and collaborative process to down-select vendors across RMDM service categories was utilized. Enaxis also helped identify a technology partner to conduct a POC for an enterprise master repository solution for well logs, core rock samples, analysis results, Geochemical and Pressure Volume and Temperature (PVT) fluid lab analysis results, well tests, and “static” reservoir characteristics.