Leveraging Well Planning and Scheduling technology across North American shale plays.

Client Challenge:
This global natural resources company needed visibility into future well planning through the acquisition of multiple unconventional shale gas and oilfields. They also needed to effectively manage their lease obligations and regulatory/environmental permitting. These efforts required visibility and insight into the rig location and scheduling system as well as reporting analytics to effectively measure well delivery key performance indicators (KPIs).

There was a need to align data from source systems and processes throughout the different fields.

The client was deploying two tools:

  1. A custom well delivery planning tool with data input from land (Tobin), reservoir engineering (Aries), GIS (Petra/Petrel or Decision Suite), (Open Wells), as well as regulatory and environmental permitting
  2. A well delivery scheduling tool (Actenum)


  • This initiative required project management and implementation of change management tools, including engagement of change champion network
  • Consolidation of key requirements from each asset field
  • Standardization of processes across functional groups, including land, regulatory, and environmental geoscience
  • Data integration with other source applications


  • Successful implementation of technology to assess and plan water availability for fracturing operations
  • Provided rig schedule visibility leading to increased rig utilization
  • Improved data quality by standardizing processes and key inputs
  • Optimized IT application portfolio in well delivery
  • Increased compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements
  • Enhanced cross functional engagement in well delivery processes