State of Digital in Houston

This Enaxis Leadership Forum created the opportunity for executive leadership from academia, business, government, non-profits, research, and emerging technology to come together in a collaborative setting to discuss how rapidly advancing technologies are re-shaping our enterprises. ​

The featured speakers and panels, composed of inspired thinkers and diverse visionaries, focused on transformative and disruptive innovations.  During this forum, that was co-sponsored with Rice’s Ken Kennedy Institute, Enaxis gained an understanding of the state of digital, as represented by a survey of more than 30 of the area’s largest organizations (63% of respondents are in organizations with revenues over $10B/year), across multiple industries. Responses were gathered both in person and online.  ​

These findings reflect the relatively early-state of digital enablement occurring through advanced analytics, IoT, cloud technologies, automation, and emerging centers of excellence for innovation and disruptive technology focus.  The survey results reflect agreement that analytics is driving significant value within operational efficiency, while many are still discovering how to drive external benefits, such as customer experience and engagement improvements.​