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Career path

Wherever you are in your career, Enaxis is ready to advance you to the next stage. We believe that helping our employees achieve personal and professional growth is our job, and our personalized approach to helping you get there makes us unique. We support each employee’s ongoing development through a variety of learning options both in house and external. We also pair you with a manager who will help you reach your personally set objectives that will guide your career in the direction you want it to go. You’ll find a supportive environment that welcomes individuals with dynamic personalities and challenges them to hone their craft and step up their game.
It’s common for consultants at large firms to feel underutilized, or stuck in narrow or accidental specialties. This, combined with the feeling of not being able to make an impact on the firm of such a large size, can be uninspiring for some people. We know because we’ve been there. This desire to do more, combined with a passion to excel, helped inspire us to create Enaxis as a different kind of firm where teams succeed and individuals thrive. Being part of the Enaxis team means working alongside exceptional colleagues who are diverse in their backgrounds, specialties, and experience levels. A key motivator for consultants to join our team is the chance to work alongside both industry veterans and up and coming professionals, where raw skills as well as the insights of experience are routinely traded. In the course of this collaboration and mind share, the team brings out the best in each other.
Life Beyond Work We realize that there’s much more to life than work and we encourage our employees to lead well-balanced lives with activities that are important to them. At Enaxis, you will find a variety of people with interesting stories–both personally and professionally. Our consultants also enjoy the opportunity to work with and get to know exceptional people. We hold company events throughout the year where employees can get to know each other and their families, outside of work.



Enaxis Consulting provides competitive benefits to attract and retain the best and brightest employees.We also provides a rigorous performance management framework that includes semi-annual evaluations and bonuses. The evaluations consider meeting previous goals and setting new ones. Enaxis Consulting employees are evaluated in three different, yet equally important categories:
  • Company-Building
  • Self-Building
  • Community-Building
Enaxis has created a system that constantly rewards their employees and also motivates them for both professional and personal growth.
Medical Care
Enaxis’ Medical plan is designed to protect the individual needs of eligible employees and their dependents. Employees are given the option of choosing a plan that plan that benefits their individual needs. The medical plan offers employees and their dependents the choice of a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) option or a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) option. Both options include prescription drug coverage.
Dental Care
Enaxis’ Dental plan provides coverage for diagnostic and preventive services, as well as, basic and major services. Coverage also includes orthodontia for dependent children up to age 25. Because our benefits are designed to suit your needs we offer both a DHMO and a DPO for you and your family.
Vision Care
To help employees cover the expenses associated with eye care, Enaxis offers a plan that provides coverage for exams, lenses, frames and contact lenses.
Disability Insurance
Enaxis offers long-term disability at no cost to our employees. We also offer low cost short-term disability insurance to provide our employees with continued income if they should be temporarily disabled.
The Enaxis Consulting 401(k) plan is available to all employees and includes discretionary profit sharing.