This project involved ADM & IT Infrastructure functions with total contract value of $100M+

Client Challenge:
Oil and Gas companies are often challenged when they outgrow their existing service providers. The client was seeking to re-evaluate the outsourcing market to allow a potential division of services. They sought to improve and realign support based on the ITIL framework, determine what services to bring back in-house, and evaluate potential off-shoring benefits.

The client was not satisfied with the incumbent enterprise IT service provider for applications support, core infrastructure, unified communications and IT security. They were interested in all the service towers for the RFP process to achieve better service, pricing, and multi-supplier governance.

Enaxis gathered requirements around all service categories to publish the RFP to short-listed suppliers. Enaxis also conducted Q&A board and yellow-pad sessions to clarify queries from the suppliers. This involved analyzing technical and pricing responses of suppliers by leveraging evaluation criteria and price normalization to rank supplier responses. Enaxis conducted supplier walk-through and due diligence sessions to further validate down selected suppliers for all in-scope service categories. Negotiation sessions were conducted with the down-selected supplier to finalize contract execution.

This resulted in a considerable reduction (>25%) in total cost of ownership for the client across enterprise IT services. A fair, consistent, and collaborative process was utilized to select suppliers across all IT service towers. Niche players in their respective service areas were also selected for best of breed solutions where required. In addition, a comprehensive and flexible SLAs/KPIs were designed to monitor and improve supplier’s performance and behavior. Lastly, the client’s IT organization was efficiently aligned with the supplier’s delivery team for better visibility into the supplier’s delivery organization.