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Business Transformation

Strategic Planning + Roadmaps

Preparing for results from vision to execution

A well planned and clearly articulated strategy coupled with effective execution will drive impressive results. Too often, key challenges are not addressed during the formulation of strategies. An effective strategy should provide a keen understanding of the challenge to be addressed and contains a set of reinforcing logic that describes mission critical objectives, as well as the vehicles that will be used to accomplish those objectives. The economics of the strategy will be apparent, and there will be compelling evidence to support the likelihood of success. The strategic roadmap must then be executed via sound cross-functional coordination and deliberate pursuit of only those initiatives that are aligned with the strategy. Read more

Organizational Transformation

Shaping an organization that makes your business run

People make the business run. We know that in order to remain competitive, organizations must ensure that their people have the right skills, tools, and processes to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively to support strategic goals. We provide organizational transformation support to help assess current and future organizational needs that are critical for reaching business goals.  By analyzing the work that will be required, and framing resource needs around the work, Enaxis helps clients determine the knowledge, skills, roles, and structure that will  best support the company going forward. Read more

Value Assurance

Ensuring business value is captured

How do you know if your key initiatives are delivering the returns promised in the business case? Who is ensuring your third party providers are executing in a manner that delivers incremental value? Value assurance is the holistic process that ensures the desired business outcomes of an initiative are realized during execution of the program/initiative. The key outcome of the value assurance process is the proof to executives and stakeholders that major projects are on track to deliver expected outcomes. Read more

Program + Change Leadership

Ensuring opportunities become reality through execution

The speed and extent of value realization from organizational initiatives is largely determined by the quality of the execution of those initiatives. Executive sponsorship aligned with program and change leadership are the key components to successful execution. Enaxis has years of experience managing large complex program and projects across a variety of industries. You can expect our Project and Program Managers to apply rigorous methodology, own delivery, and manage every phase of the execution. A well managed effort will fail if an organization ignores the people affected by the initiative. Our approach to Change Management and Training is to develop a structure that promotes understanding and adoption of the change, from project inception through transition to operations. Read more

Business Process Automation

Unlocking new efficiency with smarter technology

The evolution from analog to digital represents a tremendous opportunity to design automated processes that are extremely efficient. These automated processes result in reduced cost, increased speed of execution, improved process transparency, and additional time that employees can spend on high-value activities. In order to be successful within and organization, teams must adopt a cross-functional point of view, identify key manual processes that will drive desired outcomes when automated, envision the future state of those processes, and implement and sustain the future state processes, tools, and mindsets required to fulfill a process automation endeavor. Read more

Acquisition + Divestiture

Ensuring successful transitions resulting from high impact changes

The journey of an acquisition or divestiture requires a thoughtful approach to move from the current state to the future vision being driven business objectives. The goal is to create new entities while sustaining and ultimately improving ongoing operations. Enaxis has vast experience in successfully assisting major companies acquire and divest assets that are composed of highly complex IT ecosystems requiring careful stakeholder alignment resulting in a common vision and strategy for the new organization(s). Our comprehensive methodology guides our clients from the initial stages of determining readiness, to planning and implementing the tactical execution plans. Read more