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Business Process Automation

The evolution from analog to digital represents a tremendous opportunity to design automated processes that are extremely efficient. These automated processes result in reduced cost, increased speed of execution, improved process transparency, and additional time that employees can spend on high-value activities. In order to be successful within an organization, teams must adopt a cross-functional point of view, identify key manual processes that will drive desired outcomes when automated, envision the future state of those processes, and implement and sustain the future state processes, tools, and mindsets required to fulfill a process automation endeavor.

Enaxis helps our clients automate processes through the following:

  • Outcome Based Automation Roadmap Development
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Detailed Current State Process Mapping
  • Process Stakeholder Identification
  • Cross Functional Design Thinking Workshops to Develop Future State Processes
  • Process Implementation Playbooks
  • Implementation of Leading Process Automation Tools
  • Development of Outcome Based Business Readiness Strategies

Practice Expert

Sachin Sugunan

Sachin Sugunan

Senior Manager

Sachin Sugunan is a Senior Manager with 16 years of experience in business and finance transformation, digital transformation, program management and shared service strategy.  Sachin has successfully assisted clients with revenue enhancement and cost reduction initiatives across multiple industries including Airlines, Banking, ENR, Telecommunications and Pharmaceuticals. Sachin has worked alongside...

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