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Data & Analytics

Accelerated Analytics

Extracting insights from untapped data

Accelerated Analytics promises to unleash rapid & differentiating discoveries for businesses whose goals are to extract untapped insight from diverse and vast data sources.  Today’s leaders require a clear strategy to shift organization, leadership, skills, and technology to deliver business value from advanced analytics.   At Enaxis, we accelerate analytics insights by challenging the status quo – our combination of automated machine learning solutions as well as global network of data science experts reduce time-to-market for bottom-line business value. Read more

Artificial Intelligence + Automated Machine Learning

Transforming business as we know it

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Automated Machine Learning (Automated ML) will transform many industries and businesses whether it is enhancing features of existing products or transforming overall business operations.   The opportunity set for those who can successfully integrate AI and Automated ML into their organizations can be game changing.   Selecting the right technologies and astutely navigating the project journey are just two of the many elements necessary to achieve successful outcomes. Read more

Data-Driven Transformation

Enabling data-driven business decisions

Transitioning from “gut instinct” to data-driven business decisions often requires significant organizational change at all levels of an organization.   In study after study, the largest obstacle to realizing value from data-driven solutions is organizational challenges.   Our experienced team understands the necessary steps to realize anticipated business benefits that can flow freely from data-driven solutions.   Successful data-driven transformation & adoption can be the distinguishing factor between industry leaders and laggards. Read more

Intelligent Visualization

Making your data make sense

A picture is worth a thousand words – in today’s business world data visualization is a blend of both art & science.   There is no shortage of data in today’s businesses – however, data without an accompanying story or insightful explanation does not have value.   Effective visualization enables users to better analyze data and employ evidence based decisions using graphs and pictorial representations.   Used correctly, visualization motivates users to explore insights previously left untapped.   In addition, visualization enables users to answer business questions more efficiently and effectively. Read more

Use Case Design + Development

Aligning creative solutions and desired outcomes

Data-driven solutions begin by designing relevant business use cases aligned with desired business outcomes.   The speed of today’s changing business landscape demands that organizations explore previously unchartered boundaries of what’s technically feasible – the boundaries are often only limited by our imaginations and ability to design creative products.   Our innovation experts understand how to bring business subject matter expertise together with advanced data science skills resulting in game-changing industry & business solutions. Read more

Data Engineering + Platforms

Driving innovation with data

Highly successful businesses are utilizing data to drive innovation and achieve demanding operational goals. In today’s world of rapidly expanding data sources, a forward thinking information strategy and supporting architectures must be in place.  Our data engineering & platform team brings together tools, infrastructure, frameworks and services that enable data-driven teams to uncover desired insights utilizing the latest analytics, machine learning, and AI technologies, while accounting for traditional information management focus areas. Read more