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Advanced Analytics

Businesses collect vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Yet, between 80 and 90 percent of the world’s data remains “dark” – meaning it is either not used or understood. Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Systems promise to unleash differentiating discoveries for businesses whose goals are to extract untapped insight from diverse and vast data sources. Businesses and IT leaders require a clear strategy to shift organization, leadership, skills, and technology to deliver business value from advanced analytics.

Enaxis Consulting works with clients to help them understand the value advanced analytics can add to their organization by:

  • Developing roadmaps to build analytics capabilities
  • Developing analytics strategies
  • Identifying gaps in analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Building business case for analytics
  • Designing analytics organization
  • Assessing and selecting analytics platform and tools
  • Managing rollouts of analytics platforms and capabilities

Practice Expert

Tommy Ogden

Senior Manager

Tommy has over 12 years of experience working across a myriad of functions, including – financial analysis, business analysis, management/strategy consulting, and project/program management.  Tommy is known for his ability to produce unique ideas for solving problems, offer an innovative perspective, and lead teams to attain results results within assigned deadlines; Tommy provides actionable...

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Our Services

Business Transformation

Enaxis has provided key advisory services to many of our clients that are transforming their business models. We understand the necessity of a shared vision for the path forward coupled with strong program execution that prioritizes the people that will make the transformation successful.

Next Generation IT

Our approach draws from experience working with clients, knowledge of technology trends, an understanding of organizational structures, and approach to talent management in IT. We base our methodology equally on external and internal drivers and work to help you identify and implement next generation IT.


Digital innovations are forcing changes to multiple operating models across many industries. Leaders must be prepared to quickly identify digital opportunities, structure their organizations appropriately, and successfully execute digital initiatives. Our blend of business and technology expertise allows us to tackle your most challenging digital endeavors.