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Intelligent Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words – in today’s business world data visualization is a blend of both art & science.   There is no shortage of data in today’s businesses – however, data without an accompanying story or insightful explanation does not have value.   Effective visualization enables users to better analyze data and employ evidence based decisions using graphs and pictorial representations.   Used correctly, visualization motivates users to explore insights previously left untapped.   In addition, visualization enables users to answer business questions more efficiently and effectively.

Enaxis Consulting works with clients to help them build Intelligent Visualization capabilities by:

  • Deploying PowerBI, Spotfire and Tableau solutions
  • Simplifying complex data sources into understandable illustrative ideas
  • Laying foundation for self-service data preparation
  • Enabling visual data discovery
  • Creating highly interactive dashboard with drill down capabilities
  • Enabling mobile exploration and authoring

Practice Expert

Aaron Brisendine

Aaron Brisendine

Sr. Technical Manager

Aaron Brisendine is a Sr. Technical Manager at Enaxis Consulting with over 9 years of experience in information management technologies and strategy. With a management consulting background in system design, architecture strategy, enterprise data management, and implementation, his experience uniquely positions him to work with clients to deliver successful information...

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