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Data-Driven Transformation

Transitioning from “gut instinct” to data driven business decisions often requires significant organizational change at all levels of an organization.   In study after study, the largest obstacle to realizing value from data driven solutions is organizational challenges.   Our experienced team understands the necessary steps to realize anticipated business benefits that can flow freely from data driven solutions.   Successful data driven transformation & adoption can be the distinguishing factor between industry leaders and laggards.

Enaxis Consulting works with clients to help speed data driven transformation & adoption by:

  • Assessing current decision processes
  • Developing a pragmatic plan to leverage data across the enterprise – both large & small decisions
  • Evaluating data & analytics skills necessary for transformation
  • Transitioning from descriptive & diagnostic analytics to predictive & prescriptive outcomes
  • Enabling access to data sources & tools for analysis
  • Instilling trust in data sources
  • Optimizing reporting capabilities
  • Implementing metrics for benchmarking benefits of data driven decisions
  • Identify competitive advantages to better serve customers and/or shareholders

Practice Expert

Jen McKinney Moore

Jen McKinney Moore

Senior Manager

Jen McKinney Moore is a Senior Manager with over 10 years of change management and organizational development experience working with 20+ companies going through a variety of organizational changes such as ERP implementations, org restructurings, and reductions in workforce. She has consulted both domestically and internationally across multiple industries, including:...

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