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Digital Strategy + Transformation

Aligning business opportunities with technology capabilities

Digital transformations have tremendous potential to unleash value for organizations. A key prerequisite for moving forward with a digital transformation is to understand where the key challenges and points of leverage exist for the transformation effort. The Digital Blueprint establishes the enterprise vision, strategy, and priorities for digital transformation. It provides a structured way to evaluate opportunity areas, value drivers, and risks, as well as align the digital path with the business strategy. Digital Blueprinting is a collaborative review of the enterprise value chain to uncover the big picture opportunities and business outcomes.  Opportunities are prioritized based on expected benefits, risks, and complexity.  The result is a unified vision for future enterprise, supported by a multi-year, phased plan aligned with strategic priorities. Read more

RPA + Cognitive Services

RPA is a computer software that mimics the activity of a human being and runs repetitive, rule-based processes.  It can complete tasks more quickly, accurately, and tirelessly than humans, freeing them to devote their time to activities requiring human strengths such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customer. With demonstrated ROI ranging from 30%-200%, and payback typically in 6-9 months, it is no wonder that enterprises are quickly adopting this emerging technology.  Enaxis’ expertise in RPA enables our clients to establish and mature enterprise capabilities to quickly deploy software ‘bots’ to successfully navigate barriers to change and optimize business impact. Read more

Mobility + IoT Platforms

Platforms for the digital enterprise

To unleash the value of Digital Transformation, it is critical for organizations to take leading roles in utilizing capabilities enabled by the current technology ecosystem.  As advisors for the digital enablement of businesses, Enaxis identifies and manages sustainable ecosystem of best-of-breed partners supporting new technologies and capabilities including Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics & Automation (RPA), and Mobility. Read more

Agile Project Delivery

Unlocking value through responsive action and iterative feedback

The digital economy demands that value is delivered rapidly and that companies can adjust to changes in the market with short lead times. Agile project delivery is a critical approach that can lead to these outcomes. Agile practices increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce waste. Agile project delivery works well for projects in which the problem to be solved is complex, there are uncertainties about what solution will work the best, and effective feedback loops can be constructed. Enaxis has the experience and certified scrum masters to help you realize the benefits of agile project delivery within your organization. Read more

Innovation Management + Rapid Prototyping

Unleashing creative potential by fostering innovation

Innovation can come from many sources, including employees, partners, and customers. This, combined with lower costs of experimentation, is creating an exciting opportunity for organizations to unleash creative potential within their ecosystems and transform themselves. Fostering innovation requires an organization to develop internal capabilities to ideate, design, and build products/services in a rapid manner. Enaxis' Innovation Lab Setup services can help your organization standup these capabilities from the ground up or address any gaps in an existing setup within the context of your organization's culture, capability, and risk disposition. Enaxis services range from ideation/pitch management and rapid prototyping to innovation portfolio management. Read more

Digital Product Management

Balancing customer-centric design with rapid deployment capabilities

For successful digital transformation, product managers must orchestrate a wide variety of functions including design, engineering, product and more. Product managers are the key decision makers that can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product development, marketing, operations, customer support ct. Enaxis' Digital Product Management services can help organizations accelerate development of key capabilities and equip the product managers to be successful. Enaxis leverages its proprietary framework combined with key partnerships to deliver services ranging from development of product vision / go-to-market strategy to sustainable product development and operations. Read more

Experience Design

Driving value through meaningful design

Experience design (XD) is the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology to help organizations digitally reinvent their businesses. Truly great experience design is an intuitive, minimalistic, step-by-step guide through the user journey.  The intuitive Experience Design is focused on human outcomes, the level of engagement that the user derives from the experience.  Enaxis Experience Design experts partner with business visionaries and product owners to craft meaningful digital experiences and interactions, aligned with business outcomes.  Design thinking-led collaboration explores multiple dimensions of digital products and services to address the needs of specific personas, at key touchpoints in the user journey. Read more

Digital Workforce Enablement

Empowering the future workforce through new technology

Digital Workforce Enablement comprises a suite of programs focused on transforming your enterprise to the workplace of the future, where innovation is harnessed, critical capabilities are engaged, automation, technology and tools are readily adopted, and the workplace is intuitive.  The intended outcomes in a thriving Digital Workforce Enablement program include: Read more