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Digital Readiness

Assessing the digital journey that lies ahead

Success of digital initiatives relies on a number of key factors including a high digital IQ among leadership in the organization and governance that considers the key importance of cross functional collaboration. Built upon the factors that make up our digital operating model, the Enaxis Digital Readiness service is a tightly scoped, short-term engagement that results in a clear view of the state of the key enabling factors for the success of a digital initiative. Read more

Digital Blueprinting

Developing strategy and establishing priorities for digital initiatives

Digital transformations have tremendous potential to unleash value for organizations. A key prerequisite for moving forward with a digital transformation is to understand where the key challenges and points of leverage exist for the transformation effort. The Digital Blueprint establishes the enterprise vision, strategy, and priorities for digital transformation. It provides a structured way to evaluate opportunity areas, value drivers, and risks, as well as align the digital path with the business strategy. Digital Blueprinting is a collaborative review of the enterprise value chain to uncover the big picture opportunities and business outcomes.  Opportunities are prioritized based on expected benefits, risks, and complexity.  The result is a unified vision for future enterprise, supported by a multi-year, phased plan aligned with strategic priorities. Read more

Digital Journeys

Creating meaningful digital journeys through careful analysis

The evolution from analog to digital is a challenging process. There are numerous digital journeys contained within a digital transformation effort, both from an external and internal customer perspective. Cross functional coordination is a key differentiation point between coherent digital journeys that produce meaningful results and those that fall flat. Organizations must adopt a customer point of view, identify the key digital journeys that will drive desired outcomes, envision the future state of those digital journeys, and then implement and sustain the future state processes, tools, and mindsets required to fulfill a given digital journey. Read more

Digital Operating Model

Providing structure and decision flow to enable digital transformation

Digital transformations require a coherent operating model that clearly articulates that governance and structure for the transformation efforts. The model must be driven by a well defined vision and strategy that addresses digital arenas, priorities, and vehicles. Without a concerted cross functional effort applied to a digital transformation, the portfolio of digital projects often lacks the performance leverage that a coordinated portfolio exhibits. In these cases, the wrong projects, or too many projects, will be funded and performance will suffer. A well constructed digital operating model will provide the appropriate guidance to execute an organization’s digital strategy. Read more

Digital Workforce Capability

Are your people ready for digital disruption?

Do the cultural norms and capabilities of your company help drive productivity and success? Will employees be ready to adjust to the digital tools and ways of working in the cyber world that are quickly becoming required of every industry? Our consultants help client leadership envision and define the Future State Culture that will be needed to support productivity and successfully compete in the Digital age. Employees must view data as an asset, and apply skill and innovation with digital tools in order to establish seamless integration of channels to maximize communication and productivity. There must be awareness of cyber risk as well as adoption of policies and processes to reduce that risk. Read more

Digital Launchpad

Moving digital initiatives from concepts to results

Launching a digital initiative or a group of initiatives comprising a transformation requires a thoughtful approach to the scale and sequence of activities. Enaxis works with companies using our Digital Launchpad approach lead digital initiatives to success. Our teams of consultants work to understand the stakeholders affected by a given initiative, map the processes necessary to support the launch, and  create implementation playbooks that guide the activities of the launch. For more complex transformations, we create a Digital Implementation Management Office that incorporates business readiness, program/project management practices, and communication expertise into a governance structure that guides the transformation. Read more