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Digital Blueprinting

Digital transformations have tremendous potential to unleash value for organizations. A prerequisite for a successful digital transformation is an understanding of where the key challenges and points of leverage exist for the transformation effort. The Digital Blueprint establishes the enterprise vision, strategy, and priorities for digital transformation. It provides a structured way to evaluate opportunity areas, value drivers, and risks, as well as align the digital path with the business strategy. Digital Blueprinting is a collaborative review of the enterprise value chain, used to uncover big picture opportunities and business outcomes.  Opportunities are prioritized based on expected benefits, risks, and complexity.  The result is a unified vision for future enterprise, supported by a multi-year, phased plan aligned with strategic priorities.

The Digital Blueprint addresses a spectrum of themes including:

  • Top-down perspective of digital value chain opportunities
  • Digital opportunity profiles based on value drivers as well as process, cultural, and technology impacts
  • Future state vision of the digital enterprise, with key business outcomes and KPIs
  • Digital opportunity ranking evaluating business benefits, costs, complexity, risks, and readiness
  • Digital transformation scenario analysis comparing alternate paths the future-state vision
  • Digital strategy roadmap capturing the preferred transformation path and implications
  • Digital adoption management
  • Communication of the roadmap to engage and mobilize leaders and stakeholders

Practice Expert

Jonathan Zanger

Jonathan Zanger


Jonathan Zanger is a Principal at Enaxis Consulting who has led a number of IT strategy initiatives with a focus on the energy vertical at Enaxis Consulting. Jonathan has over 20 years of experience as a senior IT advisor enabling innovative information management and operations strategies for leading global companies...

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Our Services

Business Transformation

Enaxis has provided key advisory services to many of our clients that are transforming their business models. We understand the necessity of a shared vision for the path forward coupled with strong program execution that prioritizes the people that will make the transformation successful.

Next Generation IT

Our approach draws from experience working with clients, knowledge of technology trends, an understanding of organizational structures, and approach to talent management in IT. We base our methodology equally on external and internal drivers and work to help you identify and implement next generation IT.

Data & Analytics

Enaxis keeps up to date with industry analysts and their predictions for what the future will hold for CIOs and the IT industry. Gartner, Forrester, and IDC all agree that Information Management is core, with supporting players in the Cloud, Mobility, and Social platforms.