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Digital Operating Model

Digital transformations require a coherent operating model that clearly articulates the governance and structure for the transformation efforts. The model must be driven by a well-defined vision and strategy that addresses digital arenas, priorities, and vehicles. Without a concerted cross-functional effort applied to a digital transformation, the portfolio of digital projects often lacks the performance leverage that a coordinated portfolio exhibits. In these cases, the wrong projects, or too many projects, will be funded and performance will suffer. A well-constructed digital operating model will provide the appropriate guidance to execute an organization’s digital strategy.

Components of the Digital Operating Model Include:

  • Defined governance and structure
  • Defined digital processes
  • Design and implementation of digital architecture
  • Clear definition of continuous improvement practices
  • Implementation and adoption plans for digital initiatives
  • Defined portfolio measurement processes and metrics

Practice Expert

Kabir Barua

Kabir Barua

Senior Manager

Kabir Barua is a Senior Manager with over 15 years of experience in organizational change management, organization design, strategic planning business process optimization, business operations, and program/project management.  His experience ranges from managing transformational change initiatives related to global system deployments to leading a change management organization at a global...

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Business Transformation

Enaxis has provided key advisory services to many of our clients that are transforming their business models. We understand the necessity of a shared vision for the path forward coupled with strong program execution that prioritizes the people that will make the transformation successful.

Next Generation IT

Our approach draws from experience working with clients, knowledge of technology trends, an understanding of organizational structures, and approach to talent management in IT. We base our methodology equally on external and internal drivers and work to help you identify and implement next generation IT.

Data & Analytics

Enaxis keeps up to date with industry analysts and their predictions for what the future will hold for CIOs and the IT industry. Gartner, Forrester, and IDC all agree that Information Management is core, with supporting players in the Cloud, Mobility, and Social platforms.