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Digital Workforce Enablement

Digital transformation disrupts the entire ecosystem, including the future of work. This will require organizations to address some key questions that impact their workforce. These questions include:

  • How will you pivot the organization onto a path to cultivate the right capabilities and tools to dominate in the new economy?
  • How will your organization be designed to drive the necessary cultural and behavioral changes?
  • What does your digital workplace look like, one that is conducive for your teams to co-create, innovate, and collaborate? How will you leverage the emerging technologies to power your workforce?
  • What strategic roles are most essential to achieving your digital ambitions?

Digital Workforce Enablement comprises a suite of programs focused on transforming your enterprise to the workplace of the future, where innovation is harnessed, critical capabilities are engaged, automation, technology and tools are readily adopted, and the workplace is intuitive.  The intended outcomes in a thriving Digital Workforce Enablement program include:

  • Lead the organization to embrace digital transformation strategies, opportunities, and activities by developing adoption strategies and delivering programs that build awareness and understanding, informing and engaging stakeholders in the ecosystem.
  • Win the talent war for critical capabilities by designing and deploying the flexible enterprise design (structure), deploying a strategy to attract and retain critical capabilities, and positioning key talent to succeed.
  • Deploy workplace tools and enablers (design thinking, agile methodology, collaboration, IP management, data quality, etc.) to connect, innovate, collaborate, co-create, learn, and share.
  • Transform to a culture poised to lead disruption, with programs that effect changes in behaviors that foster new ideas and nimble execution.

Practice Expert

Elena Tran

Elena Tran

Senior Manager

Elena Tran, Senior Manager, is a business transformation advisor with 20 years of experience. She is experienced in leading enterprise-wide programs, process optimization and simplification, building strategic capabilities, vendor management, org design & development, and change management. She holds a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University.

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