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Innovation Management + Rapid Prototyping

Innovation can come from many sources, including employees, partners, and customers. This, combined with lower costs of experimentation, is creating an exciting opportunity for organizations to unleash creative potential within their ecosystems and transform themselves. Fostering innovation requires an organization to develop internal capabilities to ideate, design, and build products/services in a rapid manner. Enaxis’ Innovation Lab Setup services can help your organization standup these capabilities from the ground up or address any gaps in an existing setup within the context of your organization’s culture, capability, and risk disposition. Enaxis services range from ideation/pitch management and rapid prototyping to innovation portfolio management.

Innovation Lab Setup services include:

  • Ideation and Pitch Management
    • Define and implement Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing framework
    • Develop customized ideation approach and tools
    • Define and implement pitch management practices
  • Rapid Prototyping Tools and Capabilities
    • Develop customized rapid prototyping approach
    • Identify, acquire/develop tools and capabilities
  • Lab Setup
    • Translate digital blueprint to identify focus areas
    • Define lab processes and structure
    • Implement lean governance practices
  • Innovation Portfolio Management
    • Develop value proposition for differentiated insights
    • Prioritize resources across a portfolio of ideas
    • Leverage partner and service ecosystem

Practice Expert

Suman Ojha


For over 18 years, Suman Ojha has been delivering value in data science and predictive analytics to Fortune 500 clients across industries. He has expertise in test-and-learn analytics, market-based analysis, machine learning algorithms, and more. Suman also provides leadership in MDM, data quality, data migration, and data architecture.

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