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Management Consulting

Merger Integration

Bringing Together People, Platforms and Processes

The deal has closed. Now, how do you take different platforms, functionality and processes and bring them all together? It can be one of the greatest challenges to any M&A situation. You have two companies traveling along parallel paths and you need to integrate them, while at the same time keeping each business running smoothly. Our comprehensive methodology guides our clients from the initial stages of determining integration readiness, through creation of the Integration Management Office (IMO) and implementation of the integration plan. Read more

Organizational Development

Aligning Your People with Your Strategies

Are your people aligned to your strategies? We know that in order to remain competitive in the market, organizations must ensure that their people have the right skills and processes to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively, supporting strategic goals. We provide Organizational Development support to executives and their businesses in key Fortune 100 and other companies worldwide. Our Organizational Development professionals provide core strategic and deployment teams with processes, policies, and tools to achieve strategic business goals and adapt to market, regulatory, or technology changes. Read more

Value Assurance

Ensuring Business Value is Captured

How do you know if your key initiatives are delivering the returns promised in the business case? Who is ensuring your third party providers are executing in a manner that delivers incremental value? Value assurance is the holistic process that ensures the desired business outcomes of an initiative are realized during execution of the program/initiative. The key outcome of the value assurance process is the proof to executives and stakeholders that major projects are on track to deliver expected outcomes. Read more

Process Optimization

Less is More

Is your current business architecture limiting your performance potential? Does your organization understand the impact of integrating new technology to your business processes? Now more than ever, customers and employees require faster access to accurate information for less money. But, business processes and technologies are becoming increasingly intertwined and more complex making it difficult to accurately analyze comprehensive data efficiently. It is apparent that organizations that integrate evolving technologies with human-driven activities can better optimize performance, and if done well, these organizations can perform processes cheaper via process optimization. Read more

Business Continuity & Compliance

What’s your level of preparedness?

Do you know how much it costs your organization when critical business processes are interrupted? Does your organization have a good understanding of the assets needed to support business processes and the most likely risks to those assets?  Do you have a prioritized plan for recovering mission critical assets and the resources needed for a recovery? Do you know how long your organization can withstand a sudden business interruption? Enaxis can help you answer these questions and avoid costly as well as potentially critical business interruptions. Read more

Design Thinking

Business Focused Design Approach

Our design teams uncover untapped market opportunities and collaboratively progress differentiating business concepts by empathizing with end users, generating creative ideas, and iteratively testing potential concepts benchmarked against agreed upon design criteria.  Our business centered Design Thinking methodology incorporates advanced research, client business strategy, and service design.  In support of our holistic fast-paced approach, Enaxis collaboratively engages multiple disciplines across multiple levels of a client’s organization to incorporate real-time feedback when rapidly developing and testing potential business impacting change. Read more