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Next Generation IT

IT Strategy & Planning

Is your strategy on solid ground?

We work at multiple levels based on our clients’ needs, whether defining the enterprise IT Strategy or focusing on a specific IT function. Our consultants bring experience based on an understanding of the business. They understand how effective technology trends and business needs work together to help develop an IT strategy that supports and enables the broader business goals. We work with clients to define application strategies, ERP strategies, infrastructure strategies, collaboration strategies, outsourcing strategies, and others. Successfully implementing an IT strategy requires a tailored organization and governance model. The model should address specific organizational requirements and the defined IT strategy. We help support IT strategy execution by designing the right organizational structure, governance model, decision-making processes, and KPIs. We perform client workshops and team-building exercises to implement the right structures to achieve a successful strategy. Read more

Outsourcing Advisory

To outsource or not to outsource? We’ll help answer the question.

Is your company re-examining its outsourcing status? Is your organization ready for the possible changes resulting from expiration of contracts? Are you considering outsourcing for the first time? Are you considering off-shoring as an option, but not sure where to start? At Enaxis Consulting, we work with our clients to examine and address these questions in a holistic way by understanding financial, technical, cultural, and organizational implications. Read more

Technology Assessments & Benchmarking

Is the variance strategic or a performance gap?

Organizations are in constant flux. Many companies reach points in their growth journey when they are required to re-evaluate their business strategy or implement continuous process improvement to address performance gaps. IT executives we work with are looking to determine existing performance and improve operational efficiency. Benchmark Analysis improve your understanding of how efficiently different parts of the business are operating by comparing process performance to those of direct peers or competitors. Our methodology, approach and tools observe organizational differences and enables executives to discuss root causes to determine whether the variance is intentionally strategic or a performance gap. Read more

IT Portfolio Management

End-to-End Visibility of Priorities

Managing a portfolio of projects is much like managing your own financial investment portfolio. Your “investment philosophy” is the business goals and vision.  Your portfolio of projects are ideally balanced in terms of risk versus benefit, sorted by priority, and aligned with the business objectives. Enaxis uses this approach to develope IT Portfolio Management with our clients. We focus on understanding the overall strategic business drivers, identify gaps and leverage findings to develop a project lifecycle strategy and execution plan that creates a link between both projects and operations. Read more


How Secure are Your Critical Assets?

To keep up with fast-paced, agile markets, businesses are increasing the accessibility of intellectual property and data to their workforce using rapidly expanding connectivity options; however, this inherently increases risks to critical assets. IT leaders, facing gaps in talent, technology, and data management, are routinely asked to fill security gaps, manage risk and communicate threats. Enaxis looks beyond technical approaches alone to improve the Cybersecurity profile of our clients through a holistic approach based on NIST and SANS standards. Enaxis can delve into all layers of current security operations and assess vulnerabilities, while designing for security operational maturity and end user awareness. Read more

Agile Project Delivery

Unlocking value through responsive action and iterative feedback

The digital economy demands that value is delivered rapidly and that companies can adjust to changes in the market with short lead times. Agile project delivery is a critical approach that can lead to these outcomes. Agile practices increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce waste. Agile project delivery works well for projects in which the problem to be solved is complex, there are uncertainties about what solution will work the best, and effective feedback loops can be constructed. Enaxis has the experience and certified scrum masters to help you realize the benefits of agile project delivery within your organization. Read more

Mobile, Cloud, and Disruptive Tech

Understanding disruptive technologies is key in a digital world

The potential of digital technologies to disrupt traditional business models is proven on a daily basis. Digital transformation demands a new way of envisioning customers, products and services, business models, talent pools, organizational structures and business ecosystems. It is essential to create awareness within an organization regarding disruptive technologies, construct a framework for assessing these technologies and then develop plans to utilize or respond to industry changes created by the technologies. Read more