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Next Generation IT

IT Strategy + Planning

Ensuring IT is ready for tomorrow’s business

We work at multiple levels based on our clients’ needs, whether defining the enterprise IT Strategy or focusing on a specific IT function. Our consultants bring experience based on an understanding of the business. They understand how effective technology trends and business needs work together to help develop an IT strategy that supports and enables the broader business goals. We work with clients to define application strategies, ERP strategies, infrastructure strategies, collaboration strategies, outsourcing strategies, and others. Successfully implementing an IT strategy requires a tailored organization and governance model. The model should address specific organizational requirements and the defined IT strategy. We help support IT strategy execution by designing the right organizational structure, governance model, decision-making processes, and KPIs. We perform client workshops and team-building exercises to implement the right structures to achieve a successful strategy. Read more

Outsourcing Advisory

Aligning the right partners to the right business

Is your company re-examining its outsourcing status? Is your organization ready for the possible changes resulting from expiration of contracts? Are you considering outsourcing for the first time? Are you considering off-shoring as an option, but not sure where to start? At Enaxis Consulting, we work with our clients to examine and address these questions in a holistic way by understanding financial, technical, cultural, and organizational implications. Read more

Disruptive Technologies

Converting new technology potential into business value

The potential of digital technologies to disrupt traditional business models is are rapidly evolving on a daily basis from medical to transportation to oil & gas. These technologies change how enterprises interfaces with customers, products and services, business models, talent pools, organizational structures and business ecosystems. It is essential to create awareness within an organization regarding disruptive technologies, construct a framework for assessing these technologies, and then develop plans to utilize or respond to industry changes created by the technologies. Read more

Enaxis Next-Gen Technology Laboratory

A place for rapid iterative innovation

As innovation and disruptive technologies become increasingly critical in a rapidly changing marketplace, all companies require the ability to leverage innovative curiosity, creativity, and risk-free prototyping.  However, many organizations also face obstacles when developing these types of environments due to internal culture, processes, or commitment to innovation.  In order to address this innovation gap, Enaxis has designed an internal, risk-free environment to help our clients prototype and innovate quickly. Read more

Cybersecurity + Risk Management

Balancing your technology risk profile with your business risk tolerance

To keep up with fast-paced, agile markets, businesses are increasing the accessibility of intellectual property and data to their workforce using rapidly expanding connectivity options; however, this inherently increases risks to critical assets. IT leaders, facing gaps in talent, technology, and data management, are routinely asked to fill security gaps, manage risk and communicate threats. Enaxis looks beyond technical approaches alone to improve the Cybersecurity profile of our clients through a holistic approach based on NIST and SANS standards. Enaxis can delve into all layers of current security operations and assess vulnerabilities, while designing for security operational maturity and end user awareness. Read more

Cloud + Edge Computing

Optimizing compute delivery models for your business

With the new digital revolution, enterprises are driving new levels of performance and productivity through key enabling such as cloud and edge computing. As part of this transformation, enterprise must right-size their IT organization to gain the efficiencies and elasticity of the cloud. Cloud is not all about savings but gaining the edge to meet the demands of the business. While cloud computing is the major enabler, edge computing takes the cloud model to the next evolution by distributing compute, storage and network to the consumer edge. Most of the disruptive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) rely on this shift to create an opportunity to help enterprises turn massive amounts of machine-based data into actionable intelligence closer to the source of the data. Read more