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Project Leadership

Project & Program Management

The Journey Is As Critical As The Destination

While there are many project management methodologies available today, we believe the key is execution. The economic success of large projects with significant interdependencies is critically dependent on careful project and program planning and execution. Enaxis Consulting applies proper and holistic project management methodology to identify milestones and interdependencies, create proper reporting tools and structure, and implement the appropriate rigor to project processes. We provide seasoned professionals armed with tools and processes proven to supply decision makers with the information they need. Our framework for managing multiple projects drives successful achievement of business objectives. Read more

Change Management & Training

Unlocking Employee Engagement & Passion

Growth, shifts in technology, and the increase in global competition impose enormous strains on even the most disciplined organizations. As the environment changes, so do the assumptions that guide business decision making. Enaxis Consulting provides clients with customized and highly effective strategies to implement a structured approach to behavioral change management. The experienced professionals at Enaxis work with clients on large change efforts by implementing our four-phase methodology, addressing all aspects of change management. This detailed process brings a high level of quality and effectiveness in dealing with changing processes, organizations, metrics, communication, training, and sustainment needs. Read more

Business Analysis & Requirements

Informed Decisions, Predictable Results

All CIOs struggle with the basic question: Where should you invest to achieve the best IT results for the business? Business cases are often unintentionally biased to support a pre-determined technology decision, product, or vendor. These decisions are usually driven by ‘gut or intuition’ and may be valid. One might even argue that the individuals driving the decisions have performed an informal analysis based on years of internalized experience or deep expertise on the topic. Using current information to get future results is never an exact science; however, by combining the appropriate tools and inputs the likelihood of more precise results is significantly improved. Our approach is to break down all data and synthesize back into a form that provides clear answers. Read more

Technical Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Is your staff up to speed on the latest technology advancements?

Technology is evolving at an increasing rate and many organization are unable to educate themselves on the latest vendor solutions and/or offerings in the market. Lean and mean remains the operating model for a majority of organizations which compounds the problem since the focus has shifted more towards run and operate vs. new technologies deployment. Whether you need a point-of-view or an enterprise architect, Enaxis can provide the necessary expertise for clients facing these challenges. Our consultants utilize various industry frameworks and methodologies along with inputs from the client to provide with the best solution based on requirements. We attend and present at conferences and user groups meeting in order to stay abreast of new technologies and exhibit what we see in the industry. Read more

Major Capital Projects (MCP)

Major Projects, Major Decisions

As major capital projects become increasingly complex and technically challenging, Oil and Gas companies require deeper levels of expertise to achieve desired results. Enaxis Consulting starts with clear scope definition and the development of a sound economic model to aid decision makers. By applying phase gate methodologies like the one below, we maintain a focus on defining where the project's value drivers lie and whether this value outweighs the inherent risks. Strong project rigor in early phases ensures less rework and less value erosion due to cost and schedule overruns. Through a variety of project assurance activities, we continually test assumptions made by the project team, and highlight areas of risk and uncertainty that should be the primary focus for the project team in subsequent phases. Read more