According to IATA, commercial aviation has one of the lowest profit margins of any industry. It hovers around 4% which equates to a net profit of just over $2.50 per passenger flown. Low profitability in airlines is due to the high cost of equipment, fuel, labor, and limited pricing power. Additionally, commercial aviation is more susceptible to random external forces than most industries. From geopolitical events (terrorism, wars) to global pandemics (SARS) to geological events (weather/volcanic eruptions). All of these factors can negatively impact the already razor thin profit margins. The last year has seen record low fuel costs and airlines have benefited from a lower cost profile. As a result, IT departments are seeing a corresponding increase in budgets and increased demand for IT services from business partners.  To maximize limited resources, most IT groups seek methods to collaboratively select and prioritize projects to ensure effective delivery to the business. The result is an improved IT and business partnership through coordinated decision making.  However, this new pace often brings complexities and a need to dramatically improve service and product delivery.